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cheap wheel clamps

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  • (Wheel clamp) A wheel clamp (American English: Denver boot or wheel boot) is a device that is designed to prevent vehicles from moving. In its most common form, it consists of a clamp which surrounds a vehicle wheel, designed to prevent removal of both itself and the wheel.

  • (Wheel clamp) A device used to restrain a vehicle, usually to prevent the owner of an illegally parked car from leaving without paying a fine. It’s typically called a boot in the US (or, rarely, a Denver boot, after the first US city to deploy the obnoxious things).

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Titans in the Sewers - 10.8.11

Titans in the Sewers - 10.8.11

Sega Jenness hooks the woman up to the various clamps after removing her clothing and then injected her with the rohybnol to act with tranq she had just received. They were both cheap and readily available and would ensure her recollection of the events that were to happen and had..fuzzy at best. It took a while toclean and inspect the wound, the mind inside the Harbinger changing as it donned the odious skin covered armour and hydromag suit that was its second nature. It was in pain and the gurgling and moaning came out as cracles and pops throught the voice modulated mask. "Arise to hell.whore" it said with malice in its tone

Cole began to stir, her head pounded as she gradually opened her eyes, trying to focus as she realizes that something faceless is standing over her. It seemed like one of herown screamers had come to life before her while the girl's eyes travel over the dark figure almost dispassionatly. Narrowing her eyes her hands balls into fists of rage as she fought for control of herself. She could feel the clamps that held her tightly as she takes a breath. "Quietly her voice, lifted to the creature standing over her. "who are you?" she said simply as she looked past her to the room that entombed them both, searching for an escape, finding nothing immediatly she returned her questionable focus to the mask once more.

The Warden stirred. The writhe tentacle encroachment seems to pulse with the added influence of a summoned bubbling berth contracting and expanding the wall to give sudden life to what had been mildly solidified in its pasty transparency. It wasn't often that such a divine taste of morseled flesh deposited itself upon the scent of that dreaded air fumed out from the pained screams down in the depths below. Grounded, those poor souls remained seated like fixtures transfixed into horrified stone through the pipes that carried both a specter like chill and a sweltering African like heat from the opposing it with a wide grimaced smile of corrugated metal..Suddenly the wall would fully implode upon a staggering height that split the room for but a moment to make way for the Warden who had been lurking away whispering amongst the insects and the beast itself that remained a maw of madness nestled far beyond the reaches of the miserable one. Smells of that tired leather and haggard image easily conjures the Warden's ideal soldier of misery and the morsel that had been besieged to lay weary upon a chilled slab of rust. Such a slab was never kosher as it lent itself to an infectious design and the infectious laughter that marked the room with a droning hum of machinery just as the despotic tyrant made query among inhuman intonation groaning from the gurgled cybernetic folds stacking the neck with a rippled mass of leathery black cloth and an emptiness about what would lay inside as no real features could be sought upon first glance.

Sega Jenness replied in the odd, genderless voice that held the weird strain due to its injuries "I'm the last face you will ever see. I'm going to kill you. And I'm going to enjoy it." Moving to get the medical card, the atrocious metal table, skittering with whining metal wheels squishing blood worms on its way as it clanked and made a godawful racket. The sounds were not helped by the crusted brutal bone saws, pikes, mallets and medieval medical instruments that were piled on it. "First..." going for a speculum that looked almost slimy, yellow, green and brownish residue mixed with maroon actually getting flung off of it onto the ground as it brought the thing to its mask and feigned sniffing "vaginosis....left a tampon in. Crackwhores.." clucking a digitzed tongue "always forget to take the last one out and it just gets....full.." moving and retracting the blades on the gauntlets so that it could forcefully shove the woman's thighs apart, the filthy instrument jamming in between her labial folds into her cunt with relatively minor warning. Just as it it felt the pop like feeling of the lips giving way to sink the metal inside The Warden made his presence with the dread chill of the inhuman horrific laughter that seemed to seep through its armour to the bones of the Harbinger beneath. It once had been such a comfort but was as if familiarity and sick loyalty had bred only a unique, albeit devoted contempt that sickened Sega. It stiffened..and turned, nodding only and looked back at the female "Aren't you lucky..." starting to crank the rusty device open so that the vagina would be like a gaping black maw as far as it could, though not enough to split the women, just stretch painfully. "You get to see a hysterectomy..maybe she's with child."

Cole grimaced as the filthy instrument was shoved into her without warning. the cold metal cranked wider...lips parting in a groan just as she turned her head seeing him as he seemed to slither into the room through

Wheeled zimmerframe tripod dolly - top view

Wheeled zimmerframe tripod dolly - top view

I've been trying to get more stable footage for stopmotion videos. Previously I attached the cam to my bike, but still got left/right wobbling occasionally, and it was tedious and tiring to wheel it slowly and try and keep it balanced. This is a solution: I got a cheap second-hand wheeled zimerframe, attached a Manfrotto Super clamp to the arm, then attached a tripod swivel head to that, and attached the cam to that.

Also, as I'm using an Olympus EPL1 camera which doesn't take a release cable, I've used a makeshift device that physically holds the shutter button down. It attaches to the tripod base with an adjustable arm over the shutter. It originally had an old traditional shutter cable attached, but I removed that and adapted it so the arm bit directly touches and holds down the shutter. I've added a rubber band to keep it in place.

cheap wheel clamps

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